Thursday, October 10, 2013

Believe in Machine or human!

Hello folks,

The day before today i had got our Assignments result for first Exercise in Mobile Development I which is programming in Objective C!

You think why should i tell this to you ? Because here issue is not about result it's about Automation.

My instructor had used his own Code to check out Code and he tell it as "Magical grading Machine".

Now this had generated results surprising for many students as they got unexpected results but this results are fairly correct!

And this is proved by instructor by showing them what's wrong in their code.

So Machines are not always wrong if they are programmed correctly but if machine itself are programmed wrong then there is nothing to discuss!

So Finally It's pretty hard to made it once but this will result in unbelievable use when use properly and definitely programmer correctly!

Thanks to my instructor to give such good idea for having such Machine! I can't say what i am gonna do with this idea but i will do some coding for this too for sure!

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