Saturday, July 13, 2013

Freelancer US English Exam - Level 1

Today i just being relaxed by finish up with some important works which need to be made before move to new location.

And so after about a month i again back on Freelancer and started searching for some projects.

Feeling Bored for sometime.

So Started up for Search By Skill and made a Search for My One of Favorite skill and that is "CRM"!

Found first result very Good and so Decided to BID on it.

But minimum requirement for the project to BID is Pass of US English Exam - Level 1

So without thinking for a moment to Pass or Fail, I just started Giving Exam as no worry for money as have already some cash in my Account so Exam Fee is deducted from My Account Automatically!

And after 15 minutes of Test, wholla ! Exam Result : Passed !

Amazing, as i planning to give this exam since long but don't know why not given and today Suddenly without thinking for even for a second i had started it and Completed.

Really Amazing feeling as i had placed a step ahead in Freelancing as many projects have this as Minimum requirement and i had done it!

Next Target : ??

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