Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life at home and Complex Situation of time

It's too complex to spend all your time at home especially when there is nothing to fun and enjoy :) I hope you understand.

And when you don't have anything to enjoy you and me most probably prefer to use Facebook and internet for the same. In that case i would most probably open my mailbox first to have check for some work and if available then it would be great to make some cash or else there would be always and option of facebook to chat with someone special :)

But for this reliable internet connection is required.

Simple Situation when there is some work in mailbox:

What if you are doing freelancing, talking with your client with very low speed internet and you are almost around at the way to accept the offer of work for $500 with contract to finish work in 5 days and client offer to you and your about to accept offer in within 2 minutes and you lost your internet connection accidently and your machine goes down and you meed reboot and your machine is such like mine which takes about 3-4 minutes too boot because of high loaded software on start up :) lol

This will lead to situation where i think that it would be better if i had spent time in chat with SOME1 on Facebook instead of Client this will make SOME1 and me happy then this situation.

I don't know why i wrote this but i think this would be understand by someone :) lol

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