Thursday, July 9, 2015

Microsoft to Finalize Window 10 This month! What to Expect from . . .

Hi readers,

It's since long i haven't published anything! Sorry for that though, Because I was very busy with lots of other stuffs.

Now got little time to go back on this way! So I think then Let's go . . .

So I'm hearing all around for Window 10 release this month and also seen various posts and news around for various features and updates and upcoming plans.

So, What I got as a summary is that this would gonna be very major release and I also read that it would be final release for Window this month for window 10! Then we are only gonna get updates and patches for window 10, Not sure about this one but let's hope for the best!

But the very nice thing for me and other Developers obviously is that Microsoft came up with lots of great benefits and updates for App Developers.

So suggestion to all developers to go ahead and look for the RTM Candidate version and start exploring opportunities for Developers on MSDN and all other developer portals!

Good Luck Developers :)

I got lot more ideas for the Blog and is working on it.

Keep you guys updated.


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Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall end semester vacation

It's almost at mid for end semester vacation of fall term, results are out and next winter semester schedule is out.

But still i am busy in making all some good code, obviously some good profile and watching movies! That is never forgotten.

Along with that all also trying to do some extra work for myself ;) and that is to make some future work easy . . . Nothing such special what you might had think ;) lol

Just preparing for my G1 test . . .

Oh shit, i forgot one more thing that is making Indian food items and that is what making feel like ahhhhh

That is also part of this awesome vacation.

So Overall till now this vacation was Awesome and hopefully will ahead !!!

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